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12508897_10203965657780036_4080174713766824538_nHi, my name is Steve and this is my wife, Faydra. We live in Tucson, Arizona with our three children, Savanna, Seth, and Corbin. We are the owners of Poppedify, (pronounced like Popped and Mystify put together). My wife and I make homemade candied popcorn, in many flavors. If you have never eaten candied popcorn, it’s something like popcorn balls, but much better.

To start with, we both worked in prestigious, but high pressure jobs that paid well, but left us little time to spend together or with our children. What we really wanted was to go into business for ourselves. We just couldn’t decide on a niche; it seemed like everything had been done, and it was difficult to find a unique place for ourselves.

Do you remember the great rolls your Aunt Willie used to make; can you still taste your grandmother’s famous apple pies?

Maybe you have great memories of fishing expeditions with your dad or enjoying a dish of ice cream with your mom after a harrowing trip to the dentist? How about turning an ice cream freezer with a bunch of cousins at a family reunion- or telling ghost stories or bouncing on your mattress like it was a springboard-until your parents caught you!

We all have nostalgic memories that emerge at unexpected moments. That’s why we named our business Poppedify, a combination of popcorn and mystique; to honor the age old love of popcorn and the mystique of nostalgia.

One day my wife was musing about her childhood holiday experiences and said “I can still taste the delicious candied popcorn.” I looked at her and grinned. Having myself been the recipient of a few popcorn treats, I recognized an opportunity when I heard about one. Nostalgia saved the day!

We started selling at The Tanque Verde Swap Meet and it was a huge success. Unfortunately, you can no longer sell home made 12687975_10204043716371452_3223217200267780354_ngoods at the swap meet so we obtained the necessary licenses, and began selling our product to people in Tucson and the surrounding areas. After a while, we decided to expand to the Internet so that our friends and neighbors across the nation can enjoy our candied popcorn.

We first opened in 2015, and even though we are a fairly new to the Internet, we have been doing a whopping business. From the beginning we set out to offer a delicious, nostalgic product at a fair price.

Try our delicious gourmet popcorn. We use only the purest ingredients and tested recipes to make our gourmet popcorn. We make more than 75 varieties. Try our fruity mix, our chocolate popcorn, or our popcorn crunch. We have the best popcorn on Earth.
Many things are important to our family, including the mystique of nostalgia, the things we remember, and the things that tie us together, and we love our popcorn!

Browse the website and indulge your memories, and while you’re at it, make some nostalgia for your children!

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