• How long does the popcorn stay fresh after it arrives?

    Unopened 90 days, We recommend for you to use it as soon as you open it. However in an airtight container we estimate it will last 7 days after you open it.
  • How is your popcorn popped?

    We hot air pop all our kernels, no salt, no butter, no oil, just pure popcorn perfection
  • What if I want a flavor I don't see on your website?

    We are confident we have something for everyone, however tell us your favorite popcorn and we will be glad to explore the possibility of making it for you.  We can also create custom colors for your special occasion too so your Poppedify popcorn will be perfect for any occasion including weddings, graduations, showers, birthdays, school events, business events, and much more! The possibilities are endless!
  • How fresh will the popcorn be that I order?

    Very Fresh,  Guaranteed! Each and every batch is handmade to perfection, Unlike many of the other popcorn and caramel corn companies out there, we never  mass produce our gourmet popcorn, only to have it sit on shelves in a warehouse – growing old and stale. We are a small business dedicated making the finest quality popcorn and delivering awesome customer service.
  • Are your products free from peanuts, tree nuts, nut oils, soy and dairy?

    Our products are produced in a facility that uses milk, soy, peanuts and tree nuts so we cannot guarantee that any of our products are completely free from cross contamination during the cooking, processing or packaging phases. This applies to all our flavors and products even if none of these ingredients are used in the specific flavor of popcorn.
  • What is the best way to ensure the freshness of our popcorn?

    Once you receive one of our gourmet popcorn flavor, here are a few suggestions that will keep your popcorn fresh – of course this is assuming you don’t eat it all as soon as you open it!* Don’t open the package until you are ready to eat it.
    * Store popcorn in an airtight container at room temperature once you have opened it.
  • Do you offer volume discounts?

    Yes,  Our Checkout System Automatically adjusts your price based on how many items you order. The more you order the bigger the discount you get. Lets make sure your next business gift, corporate event, employee recognition program, school event, wedding, baby shower, anniversary, birthday party, or graduation is a hit.
  • How much popcorn do I need for my party, special occasion or event?

    That amount varies depending on each persons needs but a good guideline is about two cups of popcorn (4 oz) per person. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help figure out your needs.
  • Where can our popcorn be shipped?

    We will gladly ship anywhere in the U.S
  • How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping varies based on the number of items and the weight of the items but for most average orders it is between $10 and $15.
  • How long will it take to get my order?

    We ship the same or the next business day, if we foresee a delay due to the number of orders in queue we will contact you via email and let you know.
  • Do you make your gourmet popcorn or do you buy it from another company?

    Our gourmet popcorn is made by us.  We believe that to make the best popcorn you must do it yourself, that is how we have always done it and that is how we plan on continuing to do it.
  • Do you deliver your popcorn?

    Yes, we will gladly deliver within the Tucson City Limits.
  • Do you guarantee your products?

    Our guarantee to you is simple we strive to get you the best products and service anywhere, your satisfaction is very important to us.  If for any reason your expectations have not been satisfied, we will gladly replace the product or issue a full refund.  Due to the size of our business however you must contact us within 15 days of purchase to be eligible for a refund, we will work with you to make sure you are taken care of.
  • Will I be able to add a message to put with the item when shipping it as a gift?

    Yes, you can place a short message during checkout and we will add this to the box, so that your message is passed on with your gift.
  • How soon will my popcorn ship out?

    We try to process all orders within 24 hours however, shipments only go out Monday through Friday so if you order between Friday – Sunday Night your order will most likely ship Monday, orders usually go out the next business day if placed on a week day.
  • What forms of payment do you accept online?

    Visa, Mastercard, & American Express via Paypal
  • Do your guarantee arrival of the popcorn by a certain date?

    We use UPS or USPS to ship our gourmet popcorn.  The shipping is out of our control so we cannot guarantee that we your will arrive by any certain day, however we can guarantee that we will ship your order out quickly and that if there is some sort of snag we will do our best to try and help remedy whatever the snag may be.
  • If I'm placing a large order, will that delay my shipping?

    We hand make each order, so orders over $200 should allow an additional 2 or 3 days for preparation.
  • What if my package arrives damaged?

    We  ship our gourmet popcorn as securely as possible. We recommend that you check for signs of shipping damage before opening your package, if there is obvious damage, please call the shipping company as soon as possible to submit a damage report.
  • Do you have a donations program?

    Not at this time however we will entertain any thoughts.
  • Is Poppedify a franchise?

    No, we are proud to be a locally owned and operated gourmet popcorn business here in Tucson. We pop all of our delicious gourmet popcorn right from our kitchen.
  • How about if I want to sell Poppedifies' Popcorn?

    We are always looking for people to partner with, send us an email with a brief description about your business, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Can I get a sample of your popcorn?

    If there is a flavor you really want to try before you buy order a sample pack and let us know what that flavor is and we will do our best to send it along as well.[/toggle
  • How long will my special order take?

    Our special order flavors take on average an additional 7 – 10 business days to complete.
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