Happy Birthday U.S. Navy

Happy Birthday U.S. Navy

Celebrate the Navy’s 240th Birthday with Happy Birthday Popcorn

Today October 13, 2015 marks the 240th Birthday of the United States Navy, Founded October 13, 1775, in Philadelphia, PA is America’s naval warfare service branch. We are proud of our U.S. Navy, it is the largest and the most powerful navy in the world, [1]. As of September 2015 there are 328,186 personnel on active duty and 110,882 in the Navy Reserve, if each person took advantage of our 20% off Sale for the Navy’s Birthday Party it would take us roughly 300 years to fill all those popcorn orders but good news, we are ready to get cooking!

We have setup a special code for any member of our Services, just use Code HappyBirthday to receive 20% of today’s order, and while your at it celebrate with some of our delicious Birthday Cake Popcorn.

10-13-15 Happy Birthday Navy 20Percent Off Code HappyBirthday



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